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The Tenth Eored of the Westemnet is a cultural role-playing group within the kinship The Fellowship of Middle Earth. Its members, consisting of men and women of Rohan, share a particular interest in Rohirric culture and have an inclination towards combat arts.

The Story of The Tenth Eored defines this group's role-playing experience within The Fellowship of Middle Earth (FoME). FoME is built upon a collection of non-canonical stories that were created as a structural role-playing guideline for the kinship. This story outlines several social groups, one of which is The Tenth, that come into fellowship through the course of their existence - now being a complete fellowship of multiple cultures, heritages, and races during the current year, TA 3018.

Rohirric Culture is the basis for gameplay approach in The Tenth. Being an organized military unit, those in this social group will require adherence to regular military exercises and a distinctive eored uniform, including horse, while on official business.  Members typically appreciate assisting those in need, including but not limited to, skirmishes, questing, raids, and ettenmoors.

Membership to this role-playing group is available to those in FoME kinship who have the appropriate race and heritage designated, along with a good understanding of The Tenth's story. Above all, remember that this group is culture-based, with emphasis on organized military; interested parties should be ready and willing to contribute to the military development of FoME through their combat skills.

Kinship Philosophy and Player Code of Conduct are defined on FoME's homepage:
Rohan Heritage - Accepted Classes
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